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Dare to dream, learn to lead

“Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world.”

— Juliette Gordon Low

Every great dream begins with a dreamer
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As I look back on all we’ve accomplished this year, I’m struck by a set of quotes from our founder Juliette Gordon Low, a woman who was born in 1860 and died in 1927 but who was always ahead of her times.


In 2023, here at Girl Scouts of Colorado we dared to dream big.


Girl Scouts of Colorado opened the very first Girl Scout DreamLab in March 2023, becoming the first council in the nation to realize the national vision of creating a place where girls can try new things in STEM, podcasting, climbing, and creating; and it’s a place where the community can join in and see what Girl Scouting is really all about.


Nearly 1,000 people came through on opening day and since then thousands of others have attended Family Fun Days, drop-in robotics, ukulele classes, partner programs, and much more. The vision is to have similar spaces around the state and bring life-changing Girl Scout experiences to more girls.


This is our dream because, quite frankly, Colorado -- and the world -- needs more Girl Scouts.


Girl Scouts dream of a better world and they reach for the stars to make it happen.

She dreams of traveling to see the world and she sets goals, makes plans, and launches on her journey with her Girl Scout sisters. She dreams of running her own business some day, and she gets her first try at entrepreneurship during the Girl Scout Cookie Program.

Girls need a safe space where they can be themselves, without judgement and with the support of caring mentors and friends for life. They need a place where they can try and fail, but get back up again. That’s Girl Scouts.


“It's not about how many times you fall, but how many times you get back up.”

— Juliette Gordon Low

It's not about how many times you fall
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Girls today face unique and daunting challenges that can have dire consequences on their mental, social, and physical development. A recent national study revealed the most pressing issues girls in the United States are facing today: anxiety and mental health came out on top, followed by social and emotional development, negative effects of social media, lack of confidence, and healthy peer relationships.


Girl Scouts is uniquely equipped to address these challenges. The organization has a long legacy of caring for the health and stewardship of our resources – including mental, physical, emotional, and environmental. Girl Scouts equips girls with critical skills and leadership opportunities to put those skills to work. Girl Scouts builds community, advocating for diversity, equity, inclusion, and access; an all-girl, supportive environment that encourages girls.

“The challenge is not to be perfect, but to be whole.”

— Juliette Gordon Low

The challege is not to be perfect
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While the current mental health crisis impacting our girls might be different than what Juliette Gordon Low could have imagined in the early 1900s, her emphasis on self-acceptance, personal growth, and balance is still relevant to Girl Scouts today.


We know mental wellness must be a priority, so this year, we expanded our Sisterhood of Support retreats from one to three and brought new mental wellness patch programs to our troop volunteers.

The longer a girl stays in Girl Scouts, the more she gets out of it and the more she gives back to the community. Juliette Gordon Low’s quote “The more you give, the more you get” speaks to both what a


“The more you give, the more you get.”

— Juliette Gordon Low

The more you give
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girl gets from Girl Scouting and the idea that generosity creates a ripple effect.


When a troop leader says ‘tell me more’ when a Girl Scout pitches a big idea, she nurtures their dreams and makes it easier to believe in them, and then that Girl Scout’s confidence grows. When Girl Scouts see how to make dreams a reality, and they see that they can make a difference in the world, they begin to know their own power.


When the girls help their community and not only make the world better, but discover the joy and satisfaction that comes from making a positive impact, that’s when the magic happens – when the girl and the world are forever changed!

“The greatest gift you can give someone is your time and attention.”

— Juliette Gordon Low

The greatest gift
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Thank you for giving this gift of time and attention to our girls. Your support of Girl Scouts of Colorado is making a direct impact on the world.  By supporting Girl Scouts, you are not just investing in a girl or an organization. You are investing in our future leaders who will shape communities and contribute to a better world for generations to come.


Our 112-year journey is a testament to the values our organization brings. But it is also clear we are not done. The need to invest in girls and our future is as critical today as ever.

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packages of cookies sold by our young entrepreneurs

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packages donated to heroes and helpers through Gift of Caring and Hometown Heroes programs




Girl Scouts ran their own business

packages sold on average per Girl Scout

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earned by troops to support leadership, adventure and service activities


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Girl Scouts participated

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funded and community partner program opportunities


earned partner patches

Girl Scouts and their families are taking advantage of opportunities to engage outside of troop meetings, giving the girls additional fun and education while making memories as a family!

In their words

In their words ...



Product Programs (net)                             $12,696,978
Fees                                                                    $1,520,723
Contributions and Public support             $1,408,596
Merchandise (net)                                              $279,548

Special events (net)                                            $231,178

Total                                                                  $16,137,023

Support and Revenue


Services to troops and girls                    $10,116,618
Events and camps                                    $2,918,263
Management and general                       $2,014,183
Development                                                 $621,029

Total                                                           $15,670,093

Change in Net Assets

Change in Net Assets from Operations                                     $466,930
Funding of National Girl Scout Retirement Plan                   ($548,025)

Gain on involuntary conversion

and loss on disposal of property                                                  $253,868

Investment income                                                                            $412,662 

Change in value of Beneficial Interests                                      $1,413,414
held by other, including perpetual trusts

Other non-operating activity                                                            $77,607

Change in net assets with Retirement Plan and
other non-operating activity                                                       $2,076,456


Net assets, beginning of year                                                   $34,324,194

net assets, end of year                                                                $36,400,650

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